When I first took up photography in the late 1980s, I started entering - and occasionally winning - photo contests.  I won the top prize in photography at UC Berkeley in two of my three years of graduate school there, and my wife and I even had a week-long honeymoon in St. Bart's thanks to a prize-winning image in an Islands magazine photo contest. In 2016 I decided to start entering photo contests again.

Below are a summary of my awards and publications over the years.

Awards Summary


Siena International Photo Awards


Athens Photo Festival 2017


Photographer's Forum Photo Contest

     Finalist (two images)


LensCulture Exposure Awards 2017

     Early Entry Editors' Pick

Neutral Density Photography Awards

     Bronze Star Award: People/Culture

     Honorable Mention: Nature/Trees

International Photography Awards (ipa) 2016

     Honorable Mention (four entries)

PDN Great Outdoors 2016


Photographer's FORUM "Best of Photography"


LensCulture Street Photography 2016

     Editor's Choice

Hotel Ranga photo competition



Mountain Light "Visionaries" juried show

     Winner (two entries), including promotional poster


Outdoor Photographer "Colors of India" contest



Islands Magazine photo contest

     Honorable Mention

Hemispheres Magazine photo contest

     Honorable Mention


Islands Magazine photo contest

     Honorable Mention (two entries)


Islands Magazine photo contest

     Second place


UC Berkeley Eisner Prize in Photography

     Winner (three entries)


UC Berkeley Eisner Prize in Photography

     Winner (single entry)

All Awards and Publications

"Black Rock Lighthouse Service" was named a Finalist in the 2017 Photographer's Forum Photo Contest.

"Baby and juvenile elephants hold trunks, Amboseli", was named a Finalist in the 2017 Photographer's Forum Photo Contest.

My image of bicycles crossing the playa was used as the cover image of the "Bikes" issue of The Jackrabbit Speaks, the official Burning Man publication, on July 26, 2017.


Two of my Burning Man images, of OINK and the Icarus art car, were featured in an article in the Korean Magazine Public Art:


My photo from Burning Man 2016 of Ursa Major, the bear made of 160,000 pennies, was featured in the June 7, 2017 issue of The Jackrabbit Speaks.

My set of 15 images from Burning Man 2016 was shortlisted at the 2017 Athens Photo Festival.

My image of "Black Rock Lighthouse Service, 2016" was named a Finalist in the 2017 Siena International Photography Awards.

My image of the Hotel Ranga observatory was used in a BBC travel story about Iceland and the Northern Lights:


Another cover of The Jackrabbit Speaks! The February 28, 2017 issue of the Burning Man newsletter featured my image of Sil-vi at the Sonic Runway.


My image of Robot Heart at sunset was used as the cover image for the February 14, 2017 issue of The Jackrabbit Speaks, the official newsletter of Burning Man.


My photo of the northern lights over the Hotel Ranga observatory, along with some night photography tips, was published in the Shutterstock article "10 Unconventional Tips for Photographing After Dark."


In January 2017 a set of my images from five years at Burning Man, entitled "Return to the Playa," was published in the official Burning Man newsletter The Jackrabbit Speaks.


Two of my images were published in the 2016 Elephant Crisis Fund Annual Report. I'm proud to support their work in saving elephants from extinction.


My photo "Hotel Ranga Observatory and the Aurora Borealis" was chosen as an Editors' Pick for the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2017.


Neutral Density Photography Awards 2016

The Neutral Density (ND) Photography Awards is an international competition dedicated to promoting photography and photographers. Judging is performed by a panel of international judges, including gallery owners, publishers, editors and renowned photographers.

In 2016 the competition received 6,422 entries from 85 countries. One of my images, "El Rcif, Fes, Morocco, 2015", received 3rd place in the People: Travel/Culture Category, putting it in the top 3% of entries. Another image won honorable mention.

"El Rcif, Fes, Morocco, 2015" received a Bronze star award in the People: Travel/Cultures category.


"Sunrise, Dolomites, Italy, 2015" won honorable mention in the Nature: Trees category.


International Photography Awards (ipa) 2016

The International Photography Awards is one of the largest and most prestigious photo competitions in the world. In 2016, the competition received 17,037 entries from 162 countries. The competition is juried by a board of professionals including curators, photo editors, gallery owners, art directors, and others from the international photography community.

I am honored to have received honorable mention for entries in four categories in the competition this year: Travel/Tourism (The Walls of Morocco), Nature/Landscapes, Nature/Trees, and Special Events (Colors of the Playa).

The winning images and links to the entries are below.

IPA Honorable Mention 2016: Series, Travel/Tourism, "The Walls of Morocco"

During the same weekend in 2015 that an American politician proposed banning all Muslim travel to the US, I traveled to the Muslim country of Morocco for the second time in a year. Counter to the claim that Muslims “hate” Americans, I found the Moroccan people warm, friendly and welcoming. As one man told me, “please remember that Islam is a religion of peace, and we are peaceful people.”The streets of the medinas in Morocco are defined by the walls. The walls do not exist to separate or divide, however. They funnel commerce, vehicles, animals, and families through the winding streets. They glow with color and light. Ancient stucco crumbles, is buttressed and scaffolded, and is then rebuilt. This series presents the Moroccan people in the streets and walls of the medinas of Fes and Marrakesh.


IPA Honorable Mention 2016: Nature/Landscapes, "Gullfoss Waterfall in Winter"


IPA Honorable Mention 2016: Nature/Trees, "Dolomite Tree at Sunrise"

Taken at sunrise in the Dolomites as the sun came over the ridge, lighting up the mist rising from the valley floor. HDR composite of three exposures, each two stops apart.


IPA Honorable Mention 2016: Series, Other/Events, "The Colors of the Playa"

Burning Man in Nevada combines bright lights, wild costumes, pirate ships, high desert, and sometimes, solemn rituals.


Honored that my photo "Sandbar in the Moonlight, Maldives, 2016" was declared a winner in the prestigious Photo District News "Great Outdoors 2016" contest. Look under Amateur: Beaches/Underwater. PDN is a 30+ year old publication covering the professional photography industry; judges included photo editors from National Geographic and Outside Magazine.

Another Photo Friday win! The challenge this week was "Flame," and I entered this photo of someone shooting fire at the Sunrise Bar at Burning Man in 2010.

One of my favorite images from the playa, featuring my wife Julie Kim at a police memorial service at the temple, was just published in the Format magazine article "11 Burning Man Photographers That Captured Playa Life."


My image "Hills Outside Ronda, Spain, 2015" was selected as a Finalist in the Spring 2016 Photographer's FORUM "Best of Photography" contest.


Another Photo Friday win! The challenge was "Middle of Nowhere," and I entered my photo of the "Bicycle Graveyard" at Burning Man (probably my favorite Burning Man image).

My photo "Tribute to Joan Miro," taken in El Raval, Barcelona, made the Editor's Choice gallery in the 2016 LensCulture Street Photography competition.


Another Photo Friday win! This time, the challenge was "Mountainous" and I entered this photo of Montserrat, near our home in Barcelona. (Incidentally, the only photo on my website taken with my iphone.)

These two images, of the Castellers competition in Tarragona and the roof of the Encants flea market in Barcelona, were published in the article "The New Wave: Alternative views of Spain" in Escapism magazine in June 2016.

In June 2016 my photo of balloons and the Temple of Transition from Burning Man 2011 was featured in the Format magazine article "18 Photographs of Music Festivals Around the World."

My image of the northern lights in Iceland was accepted into "The Beauty of the World Collection" at the See.me "Creators Deserve to Be Seen" event, and was displayed at the Chashama Gala Event in Times Square on June 8th, 2016.


Two weeks in a row on Photo Friday! This image, of El Pulpo Mechanico at Burning Man in 2011, was the top vote-getter in the "Heat" challenge in May 2016.

This image of the Hotel Ranga observatory, northern lights, and night sky won the 2016 Hotel Ranga photo contest.


For years I've been occasionally entering photos into the weekly Photo Friday challenge. Finally, in May 2016, this image was voted as Noteworthy in the "Dusk" challenge.

In April 2016 the online photo magazine COOPH (Cooperative of Photography) ran a "portfolio review" of eight of my travel images along with short commentary about each image:


In February 2016 I was selected as a "Spotlight" photographer for Format.com, the photography website hosting company.

In April 2015 my image of the Kasbah de Telouet was used in a Trover article on "17 Reasons You Need to Visit Magical Morocco."


Sierra juniper, Olmstead Point, Yosemite National Park, CA, 2002. 

In February 2006 this image was chosen as a finalist in the "Colors of India" photography
contest held by Outdoor Photographer magazine, the top travel and nature photography magazine in the US. (Despite the name of the contest, it was about colors, not India).

Mekoros at sunset, Chief's Island, Okavango Delta, Botswana, 1999.

This image won honorable mention in the Islands magazine national photography contest of 1999.

Snowstorm, Wutaishan Temple, China, 1994.

This image won Honorable Mention in the Hemispheres magazine national photography contest of 1999.

Playing mah-jong, Dali, Yunnan, China, 1992.

This image won honorable mention in the Islands magazine national photography competition of 1997.

Mailboxes, Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China, 1992.

This image won honorable mention in the Islands magazine national photography competition of 1997.

It was also selected for a 2010 juried show at Mountain Light, Galen Rowell's photo gallery in Bishop, CA.

Rowing to temple, Dai Lake, Yunnan Province, China, 1992.

This image won second prize in the Islands magazine national photography competition of 1996.

It was also selected for a 2010 juried show at Mountain Light, Galen Rowell's photo gallery in Bishop, CA, and was used for the promotional poster for the show.

Moon rises behind Half Dome, from North Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA, 1991.

This image was published in The South China Morning Post in 1992.

Receding wave, McClure's Beach, Point Reyes, CA, 1991.

The first of three images that together won the Eisner Prize in 1992, my second year in a row winning the award.

This image was also published in Outdoor & Travel Photography Magazine in 1992.

Couple, Point Reyes, CA, 1991.

The second of three that won the Eisner Prize in 1992.

This image was also used as the cover photo for Rip Gerber's novel The Journeyman.

Rill into the ocean, Point Reyes, CA, 1991.

The third of three that won the Eisner Prize in 1992.

Umbrella, Limantour Beach, Point Reyes, CA, 1990.

This image won the Eisner Prize, the top prize for photography at  the University of California at Berkeley, in 1991.

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