EGO accepted to Viewpoint Gallery

I've just had two photos accepted into an upcoming show at the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento. The theme of the show is "Visual and Verbal", the relationship of words to photographs. The second photo is “Photo shoot at EGO, by Mike Garlington.” I came upon this scene just after sunrise one morning in 2012. You can see the woman in the dress jumping in the air, but what you can’t see is the photographer shooting her, he’s blocked by the G. At the time, the slight irony of this scene just made me smile. Looking back now, perhaps this was an early portent of the arrival of Instagram “influencers” on the playa, covered, among other places, in an August 2019 article in Fast Company. (On the other hand, they might just have been having some fun.) During 2019 I was personally contacted by three such influencers asking if I would photograph them at Burning Man. I politely declined (I didn’t make it in 2019 anyway).