My photo on display at National Zoological Museum of China

A few years ago I granted permission for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to use my photo of two baby elephants holding trunks in Amboseli National Park in Kenya in their global conservation efforts. I don’t get notified when they use the photo, but every once in a while I see it pop up on one of their web pages or social media posts.
Last week, my friend and former colleague John Baker took the WildAid Beijing team to a WWF exhibition at the National Zoological Museum of China in Beijing. They found my elephant photo on display in the exhibition. I lived and worked in China for a big part of my adult life, including overseeing the WildAid Beijing team for three years. It’s great to have my work on display there supporting conservation of these magnificent animals. And I think it is the first time I’ve had a photo displayed in a museum.