Fine Art Prints: Info

Prints of some of my favorite images are available on my Buy A Print page. For the standard sizes listed, you can order there and the print will be sent directly to you. These are all Metal Prints from Bay Photo. I have become a huge fan of Bay Photo's metal prints. They have accurate color reproduction, look great, and arrive ready to hang on the wall. Prices start at $175 (including shipping) for a 14 by 20 image. I have created metal prints up to 40 by 60 inches with great results.

If you would like a print of an image not on the Buy A Print page, or a different size, or perhaps a print on traditional photo paper, please contact me and let me know what you are interested in. For prints on traditional photo paper, I work with Bob Cornelis at Color Folio. Bob has been creating fine art prints for decades, including printing for Galen Rowell's Mountain Light gallery.

And a note on print sales - in the age of digital imagery, you could always download one of my photos to your computer and make your own print. I respectfully ask that you please not do this, for several reasons. First, I do some preparations to each image before printing (resizing, edge sharpening, etc.) to make sure the final print looks great. And second, I do make a little bit of money off the prints. Not a lot, but there is a small margin built in. That margin helps pay for my camera equipment, my web hosting, the software I use to process images, etc.

Finally, satisfaction is always guaranteed, if you are ever dissatisfied with a print just return it to me and I will refund your money.

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